What are mastclimbers?

At their most basic, mastclimbers consist of a platform that is powered up and down either a single or double mast. Driven by electric motors on a rack and pinion system, the platform can be positioned at almost any height. Easy to use, convenient, safe and extremely flexible, mastclimbers have quickly become the solution for improving efficiency, cutting costs and increasing worker safety. Even more, mastclimbers have been proven to cut costs and increase productivity by as much as 30%.>

On what types of jobs can mastclimbers be used?

Mastclimbers and mastclimbing work platfoms are ideal for a wide range of jobs, from new construction to repairs and refinishing on existing buildings. Mastclimbers are also suitable at a variety of heights. Untied mastclimbers can be used for projects up to 20m outdoors, or up to 30m indoors.

Where height is a consideration, mastclimbers remain the optimal solution, with mastclimbers operating as high as 270m. Even lower heights can benefit from the use of mastclimbers, as mastclimbing work platforms can be used for masonry works at a height of 6m.

What are the advantages of using mastclimbers?

Mastclimbers are extremely efficient, positioning both men and materials at varying heights. As the work progresses, the mastclimber raises to meet the changing levels. This creates a working environment that is ergonomic, economical, efficient and safe. Mastclimbers are also cheap to maintain and easy to service, and are easily erected and dismantled. Additionally, a mobile chassis means they can quickly be moved for easy relocation.

How safe are mastclimbers?

All machines in the Adastra fleet are built to the highest standards of safety. In the unlikely event of a brake malfunction, all equipment is fitted with two independant motors, each with two brakes, an electro-magnetic fail-to-safe brake and a secondary centrifugal brake. Furthermore, all machines in a twin configuration are fitted with safety cams which will stop one side from descending more than approx 1m. Add-ons include screening to protect workers and materials from the elements, allowing work to continue despite inclement weather.

How flexible are mastclimbers?

Unlike scaffolds, mastclimbers come in a variety of configurations and can be designed to meet the unique demands of any project. Modular in design, machines can be built to suit the project using interchangeable mast sections, wheel chassis, mini- chassis, railings, wall anchoring, etc. This gives you the additional benefit of not needing to stock multiple parts, for further savings.

Mastclimbers can be used in a variety of projects, including:

Brick and masonry
Window cleaning
Overhead work