Adastra Access Ltd are an established supplier of mast climbing work platforms (MCWP), suspended access and specialised lifting equipment, providing innovative and cost effective solutions. The service and equipment we provide maximise efficiency of work providing a fully compliant and safe, ergonomically-efficient environment.
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Adastra Access are a customer-oriented company

and are committed to working closely with our customers to provide the most effective solution throughout the project to ensure a profitable outcome. Our in-house design department has considerable expertise and experience and works closely with our fabrication section to manufacture any special requirements.



The mastclimbing work platforms we supply

have wider platforms and higher payloads than the industry standard. Customised enclosures specifically designed for each model of machine provide a safe ergonomically efficient environment which maximises productivity.

MCWPs are erected and dismantled more safely and quickly than traditional scaffold.There is no need for ladder towers or hoists; materials and men are loaded at ground level and transported by the MCWP.



Adastra Access provide equipment for standard

cradle access such as inspection, painting and light works. Cradles / suspended access can be used on bridges, viaducts and industrial structures including storage tanks. Heavy duty suspended systems can be designed and manufactured accordingly to provide multi level access, rolling access and is versatile enough to suit many applications.Cradles can also be used in conjunction with the monorail and winch systems.